Day 24 – January 2nd, 2011

Today was the last day of my long weekend… and since I went grocery shopping yesterday, I was inspired to cook. I decided on some Tilapia Tostadas. They needed a little more flavour and I think cilantro would’ve made a big difference but I didn’t have any 😦 Nonetheless, it was great to get back in the kitchen to make something other than cookies.

Mmmm {pretend there's no avocado!}

Tonight was the Welcome back CF dinner. In attendance were of course EE + kids, CF, JV, WT, AG, and MV & Gz. We were asked to bring sides and since it’s the new year and veggies are always popular in our group, I prepped a veggie tray 😀

The little one loved the broccoli

EE made the macaroni & cheese, baked beans, armadillo eggs, and dessert, and CF grilled chicken


Mmmmac & cheese 😀
Skinny Mini and JV eating some of the dessert (it was a pudding with strawberries and a graham cracker bottom)
A – the Static Queen
Yup.. that’s A walking around in a horse pillowcase
Someone was laying on my arm, blogging with one hand was very tough!

And now I must prep for going back to the office tomorrow. Yay!!



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