Day 18 – December 27, 2010

Ah.. back to work today after a long weekend. Not fun! After I was done with work for the day, D & I got in the car! She and I don’t get to go on road trips much anymore, and I gotta be corny for a second.. but it really filled my heart to be on the road with her. We went to Niagara Falls to hit the Fallsview Casino.

I took a couple of obligatory tourist photos upon arrival

This fountain always seems different to me.. or maybe I don't pay enough attention to it...

The foyer was decorated for Christmas

We went in, had dinner at the buffet (the seafood salad was awesome!), and then we hit the machines. Man.. it was super busy! It was worse than a regular Saturday night. We didn’t do so well ūüė¶ I lost $40. We went to check out the tables, but they were all a little steep.. more so than usual, but I guess since they were so busy and people were paying it, they could jack up the price.

On our way out, we realized we hadn’t taken a picture so we scanned the crowds and picked a couple to ask to take the photo for me. I forgot that the flash was off and they seemed to be in a rush so I just let it go…

Sisters in Black

See you again, casino! Hopefully you'll be nicer next time!

Once we got home, we played my sister’s Wii… it was very¬†frustrating.. we had a hard time working together. ¬†I think I will go and play a bit now that she’s in bed…



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