Day 10 – December 19, 2010

Day 2 in Houston visiting my cousins… the plan du jour was to go get some tamales since the preggo was craving them hehe.


Yummy tamales!


AF & A


MF & H (H is sporting a gift from my aunt in MX)

After that, we hung out at MF’s place for a little chit chat and around 2:30, I drove home.
Around 7ish, I went to EE’s for dinner and a movie! We had ribs, baked beans, and some crescent rolls and we watched “Star Trek”

The ribs were a little spicy!

I forgot how yummy these were until we had them at your mom's during Thanksgiving!

And her little kitty cat who wanted to chill on our laps.

Lap cat! (She wasn't on my lap as I was taking the photo!)

While editing the photos and writing this blog entry, I’ve been watching:

Up.. I decided to get Netflix for the time being...

I can’t believe the weekend’s over.. it’s awesome that it’s a short week though!


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