Day 4 – December 13, 2010

Today was such a weird day… I kept forgetting things (a couple of things at home including my work laptop and some pieces of papers needed for an email) however I did remember to go pick up my glasses.

New glasses 🙂

The reason I’m on the phone is because I was talking to my mom for so long, I didn’t want to forget to take the photo. She walked me through making lentil soup. I’d take a photo if you liked lentil soup, but I think you would just gag if you saw a photo!

You won’t get away without a picture of a cat.. so here’s 4 😀

Cecilia + Eddie

Cecilia + Eddie

Anyway… I hope I can take photos tomorrow during the class or at least I will have something cool to show you… I hope I don’t fail at decorating cookies!!



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